Who is where, when, for how long? And what are they actually doing? Professional crew management with Crew Control.

Why Crew Control? Because it just makes sense. Large events don’t just mean a lot of guests that have to be managed and accredited. They also mean a lot of crew members. Every day at work we experience that the guest management process works very well, but event crew handling still has a lot of room for improvement.

You need a secure system, if you want to know exactly who is doing what, when and for how long at the event that you’re in charge of. Stay on top of things! With Crew Control.

A look behind the scenes is nice. But it’s not enough!

Do you know exactly who is working when, in every area of your event? You do with Crew Control! Because various areas require various authorisations and because there are a wide range of work times and crews, it's even more important to stay on top of this. If this part isn't managed well, you can have security vulnerabilities.

Stay informed about all of the people present at the location. All the time. And in real time. It's good to trust your crew. But Crew Control is better!

With Crew Control, secure is not only secure. But more secure.

May we introduce you? Your new system that makes managing crew members and employees even more secure for events, tradeshows, festivals, annual meetings and large public events. Crew Control is web-based. This means that you stay flexible because only authorised users and maintenance groups can use it wherever they happen to be.

Maximum security? It's already built in.

You can rely 100% on Group Control. Unlike locally installed systems, Guest One always has online access to the system. If there happens to be a problem, we can intervene immediately and provide distance support as well as conduct maintenance and make adjustments.

Crew Control runs with SSL encryption according to strict German data protection guidelines and exclusively with secured servers in German data centres. All access authorisations are additionally secured so that absolutely no one can come to your event who is not supposed to.
Customers managing their event staff with Crew Control

Everything that you have to know about everyone. Now in one system.

With Crew Control, all employees are created and managed with personal data, access authorisations, workdays, and days off and other information if necessary. All data fields can be customised, which means other data can be added at any time. Access authorisations can also be revoked just as quickly and easily.

You need to manage vehicles, hotel rooms or catering needs for your crew? This can also be handled with the Crew Control platform. 

Employees, coordinators or supervisors of the maintenance groups involved can upload profile images and documents online, such as the necessary ID cards, certificates etc. The entire handling and accrediting process is also possible using mobile devices.

Why use Crew Control for employee management? Because simple is simpler than complicated!

The best system isn't worth anything if it's not used because it's too complicated. That's why we make it very easy for you: Crew Control offers intuitive operation, installs smoothly and doesn't require specialised hardware or specific IT knowledge. In a nutshell, you already have everything you need!
Crew Badges to manage even staff - Crew Control

Fast, simple and on site: create ID cards with mobile stations.

With Crew Control, the entire process from check-in to ID cards that can't be counterfeited and have various security features goes very quickly and easily. Mobile Crew Control stations make this possible because they’re designed to be able to be used by hostesses or the customer's personnel after a short introduction. Experienced project managers take care of setting up and maintaining the hardware that is used.
Entry authorisations
Individual access authorisations possible.
Responsive interface
Simple registration using a responsive frontend by employees or team leaders.
Decentralised organisation
Web-based system and mobile stations enable decentralised organisation.
ID cards
ID cards that can't be counterfeited and have various security features.
Photo printing
Personalised photo printing and real-time recording.
Time tracking
Exact presence detection using regulated check-ins and check-outs.
Request and management of catering needs via webtool. Registration and controling onsite via smartphones with special app.
Hotel management
Management of different hotels, room types and capacitys per day. Fast and easy allocation via webtool for groups or single persons.
Manage crew vehicles and authorizations - print parking passes on demand.
Fast and easy notifications to groups or single crew members via SMS or Mail.

Pleasant side effect? More transparency!

Crew Control isn’t just perfect crew management. Our system can do more to save you work, time and money. Thanks to a lot of additional functions, you can finally track who has been utilised for how long. Every hour that is worked is counted and stored by tracking check-in and check-out times for every individual. This helps you be able to plan how to use your personnel better in the future. Timesheets? You can forget them forever.
Crew Control check in station with light ring and camera


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