Guest-Management Software eventry

Do you do event planning in-house? Then why not make it easier for yourself?

With eventry, our flexible, web-based multi-event tool, it's now easy to plan every event yourself. When it comes to participant management in particular, eventry takes over the majority of the work for you: from the sending of invitations to online registration through to check-in at the event, eventry supports you as an event planner with all the logistics - online and in real time. And with 100% reliability. So forget those cumbersome Excel tables and highlighter pens!

For the most enterprising of enterprises

Be they customer or employee events, incentives or seminars: many companies, or indeed associations or agencies, hold recurring events year on year. Of course you can outsource participant management to an external service provider, but you don't have to! At least not if you have eventry. The advantage? You can maintain control over everything, all without having to put a lot of work in.

Short and sweet

eventry is a flexible, web-based multi-event tool for participant management of customer and employee events, incentive trips and seminars. From the sending of invitations to online registration through to check-in at the event, eventry supports you as an event planner with all the participant logistics - online and in real time.

eventry does not come from just anyone. It comes from Guest-One.

When it comes to guest management, nobody does it better. With a great deal of passion and over 20 years' experience, we have developed into one of the biggest providers of software solutions for participant management in the whole of Germany. We also offer our customers the utmost competence in consultancy and time and again we are able to come up with bespoke solutions for the realisation of demanding projects.
User management

With the integrated user and authorisations management, system users can be allocated graduated rights individually. Staggered authorisations (roles) can be allocated, and these roles are allocated per user and per event.


The online registration is available in both German and English. Text and content can be curated independently via intuitively operable interfaces.

Matching Corporate Design

For the online registration pages, graphic templates in the corporate design of your company can be incorporated into the system and selected with just a click for each event.

Event setup

New events can be set up quickly and easily, whilst existing events can be copied and processed at the touch of a button.

Data import

Guest data are added to the event via Excel upload and can then be processed in the admin area.

Configurable data fields

Flexible choice of the data fields and queries required for each event. Various fields for refusal, compulsory fields and fields to be edited by the guest can all be defined with just a click.

Mailings and PDF

Clearly comprehensible mail dispatch directly from the tool. Mail templates in the corporate design of the customer are incorporated and can be selected for each event. Via the PDF module, additionally personalised participant documents can be provided at the touch of a button.

Hotel management

Intelligent hotel management - hotels, room categories and quotas precise to the day can be logged and managed. Hotel allocation can take place either on a guest or a group basis.

Travel management

Integrated travel management - types of travel and routes, including corresponding quotas, can be logged and managed.


Simple logging and management of activities and supporting programmes, including quotas. Various booking options for the main participant and any accompanying persons.


Electronic registration of guests on site. Guest search via QR code scan or name search. Printing of name badges or personalised participant documents directly from the system.


Creation and evaluation of individual online surveys after an event. Questioning can take place either anonymously or in personalised fashion. Evaluations are then made available as a PDF report.

The dashboard offers you an overview of various figures concerning your event. Here you can get an at-a-glance impression of the registration status, utilisation of quotas, e-mails sent, etc. The dashboard is the first thing that is displayed when you log in or activate another event.
Accessible online

eventry is set up under our customer-specific domain and can therefore be accessed via any current internet browser. There are no installations or integrations required by you.

Photo gallery

The option of integrating a photo gallery means your event can resonate even after it has taken place. Rapid configuration, simple image upload - your gallery will be online as soon as the event has finished. With or without a login as preferred.

Hosting Made in Germany

Secure in the knowledge we don't risk your security

Customer data are sensitive data. Here in particular, it's important to ensure a high level of security, and for this reason we work closely with our data protection officers. Hence every installation is also backed up on a Guest-One server in one of the biggest datacentres in Germany. In addition, our security system is regularly reviewed and tested with simulated attacks.

Costs and support

eventry offers you a straightforward cost model. We create your customer-specific system for an attractive package price. On top of this, there are annual costs for hosting and backups, as well as staggered project fees for each event held. Annual or user licences do not apply. Additional support services are calculated on a ticket basis or, for greater adjustments, according to a quote.

Guest management at the touch of a button

It really couldn't be easier: all you need is a brief training session, which we are happy to provide when we hand over eventry. The intuitive user interface makes it so easy for you to use that you can get started straight away.

In addition, eventry is set up under our customer-specific domain and can therefore be accessed via any current internet browser. There are no installations or integrations required by you, and there is no need for an interface with your IT department.

A view of eventry as Guest Management Software

You're in the very best company

Numerous renowned companies are already putting their trust in eventry for the management of their events.
We would be delighted to be able to add you to that list.

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