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Guest management is one of the most important building blocks of event planning. At the same time though, it as complex as it is confusing - hence, depending on how it's written, a Google search for participant management delivers hundreds of thousands of results relating to agencies, service providers, software companies and system providers.

Anyone who has had to tackle this area for the purposes of event planning or organising a call for tender will know how different the various approaches, systems and calculation models are. Here Guest-One has come up with a new further training option.

With its half-day basic seminars, Guest-One is targeting project managers in agencies, event planners within companies and anyone who is interested in the basics of effective and efficient guest management. At seminars on various dates, the experts in participant management will offer up their experiences along with broad-based, fundamental knowledge of the planning and execution of events.

The seminar content shines a light on all aspects of this area and provides an overview of logical processes from invitation dispatch to online registration to check-in for the event. It clarifies the differences between purchase systems and bespoke project solutions, and also includes a look at various calculation models. In a way that is easy to grasp, seminar participants learn about the possibilities and opportunities of online portals and electronic check-in systems - with practical elements included.

Ticket management, personalisation options or interfaces for hotel and travel bookings are as much a feature as special solutions, for example for fee-based events or trade shows.

The half-day seminars take place at the G1 site in Wuppertal. Each one begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m. A following snack and drinks are included in the price. Numbers are limited to ten people for each seminar. On request, in-house seminars can also be arranged for customers.

Introductory seminar: Guest management

195.00 per participant, including snack lunch and drinks

•    Compact seminar lasting 4 hours
•    Theoretical and practical elements
•    Snack and drinks included
•    Certificate for participation

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In case a seminar will be cancelled all fees will be paid back or you can attend another date

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