Exhibition management

The G1 exhibition system at a glance

The use of an exhibition management system primarily serves to reduce the effort involved in organising and coordinating your representation at the exhibition and at the same time to boost the rate of sales - and to do so measurably.

The modular structure of the G1 exhibition management system is based on four fundamental pillars: firstly, a preparatory phase in which organisational framework conditions are defined alongside processes, interfaces and timings. This is followed by the direct exhibition preparation: invitations are sent to customers and employees, registrations received, exhibition tickets dispatched and logistical services such as hotel bookings and room planning managed for those manning the stand.

At the heart of the whole process is the exhibition itself. Freely configurable individual modules make it possible to tailor the system to individual requirements. Thanks to its web-based provision, the system is available at any time. The period after the exhibition essentially serves for measurability and evaluation.

Modular structure

Among the biggest advantages of the G1 exhibition system are the modular structure and the carefully considered detail processes. Thus we are able not only to offer our customers the full solution, but also to react flexibly to the requirements of individual exhibitions. A key connecting element here is the so-called administration platform. Here user groups are established and core data on employees managed along with dates, rooms or travel arrangements. An adjoining lettershop module makes it possible to send personalised e-mails automatically.

Real-time reporting supplies current statistics.

A total of eight modules can be docked onto the administrators' platform. An efficient employee portal involves the stand team in the preparation process for the exhibition.

An information counter at the exhibition stand speeds up the matching up of visitors and sales staff. The appointment and room management module permits efficient use of the existing space. The recording of leads and the lettershop mean the sales data of visitors are recorded and prepared for a personalised sales dialogue,

whilst the catering module makes it easier to plan and comply with the allocated budget for drinks and snacks at the exhibition stand. And last but not least, the customer dialogue module initiates early contact with interested parties and potential exhibition visitors.

Admin platform

The administrative core of efficient exhibition management is made up of a web-based platform for administrators. It is here that all the important adjustments are made.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can set up user groups which can be allocated to categories such as central/decentral or internal/external. Powerful core data management forms the basis for targeted deployment of your staff at the exhibition. Here you can establish important parameters such as responsibilities, language knowledge or shift times along with any other information that is helpful for the planning and running of the exhibition.

Convenient administrative functions make administration easier both during and after the exhibition. Thus with the hotel management function, you can maintain an overview of the required room quotas. Or: appointments and room allocations set up in the admin tool provide valuable information during the day-to-day running of the exhibition stand and offer new ways of dealing with resources particularly efficiently.

The link to the e-lettershop supports you with customer dialogue. Information on your offerings can - where required - be generated automatically and sent as an e-mail with PDF attachment.

The analysis of your own appearance at an exhibition can take place in the area of reporting and statistics. You get solid feedback about the success of your attendance at an exhibition in the form of figures, data and facts - even in real time if required.

Employee platform

Using personalised access details your employees log into the employee platform, take over responsibility for their personal data and become part of the administrative preparations for your exhibition.

Your exhibition staff become part of the administration. They supplement the personal core data and complete the relevant personal profile by selecting products, language knowledge and possible stand-ins.

All exhibition contacts are logged and processed at the central point. Days of attendance, hotel and travel details are managed centrally along with appointment and room allocations. The advantage? Double bookings for rooms or members of staff are a thing of the past.

Customer platform

Customers become part of your exhibition communication. This shows appreciation, documents reliability and generates trust. An early dialogue with the customer makes things easier when it comes to parameters such as planning and direction of the exhibition.

There really are no limits to the possibilities for getting in touch with customers in advance: tried-and-tested methods include orders for free tickets and consideration of customers' preferred appointments, discussion partners or booking of additional elements of the programme (e.g. evening events, gala dinners, etc.). One appealing feature is often the consideration of hotel and travel preferences.

The seamless link with the e-lettershop also opens up the possibility of sending response elements such as QR codes, which can then be used at the exhibition stand and offer your exhibition visitors added value.

Info counter

Efficient matching accelerates the linking-up of visitors and suitable sales representatives and ensures effective deployment of your employees.

The info counter is the central exhibition navigator and provides comprehensive information about both present and absent staff. Thanks to freely configurable search and filter functions, it is possible to quickly allocate available sales persons in line with the interests of the visitor. Employees are notified with the help of the G1 messenger (SMS, e-mail, page) in real time. The appointment and room administration provides information to the counter staff about available capacities.

Where required, attendance or customer visits can be recorded at the info counter in order for the dialogue with your visitors to be maintained appropriately after they have left the stand. Additional administrative tasks such as printing of name badges for the stand personnel can also be carried out with the help of the tool.

Check-in and check-out

Maintain an overview of which members of staff are available. An intelligent tool supports you in deploying exhibition staff efficiently and effectively.

This smart tool is the internal metronome of your appearance at the exhibition. The stand staff log into the system and log all their activities in the web-based tool by means of brief entries. They log out when taking a break. After the break has ended, they log in again. This means that you can always be sure to know which employees are in meetings and what capacities are available. The advantage for you? Even where there are spontaneous visitors, you can quickly allocate employees with subject-specific knowledge.

Appointments and rooms

The administration tool for appointments and rooms documents the deployment of staff and all important resources.

Once rooms have been logged in the tool along with their capacities and facilities, these can be booked for appointments arranged with your sales staff. The time intervals can be freely selected here if required. For the sake of convenience, the occupancy overview can be displayed in the dashboard at any time.

Recording of leads and e-lettershop

Keeping up the conversation: The e-lettershop forms the basis for keeping up a personalised customer dialogue both during and after the fair.

When your visitors are registered at the info counter, their business cards are digitalised. Even before the connection with the sales representative, the data of the guest are provided in the employee portal. Mobile logging of the meeting afterwards takes place by means of a mobile device (tablet computer). This data is also made available automatically in the employee portal.

An automated dispatch link-up ensures that the mailing of any samples or brochures is triggered by the conclusion of the meeting. Optional electronic delivery as an e-mail with PDF attachments can take place "right on time" as your visitor leaves the stand.


Complete cost control: predictability and control when it comes to compliance with the designated budget are among the main benefits of the catering module.

Alongside the web-based core, mobile devices like iPhones or iPads form the technological foundation for a mobile ordering system. Drinks and snack offerings can be configured in line with your preferences. With the help of an automatic voucher printer in the catering area, you can maintain an overview at all times.

Orders can be allocated to individual employees, cost centres or departments automatically for subsequent cost allocation. With the help of easy-to-understand evaluations, you can get an overview of costs incurred at any time - broken down according to each day or as an overall total.

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