Guest management

Phase 1 - Planning and setup

At the beginning of the project it is essential to gain clarity on various parameters and interfaces relating to participant management. We are happy to assist you as your experienced advisors.

As part of the process definition, first the data management is established. Available data are adopted, reviewed and checked for duplication, then we look at the details: How will the graphic design of the invitation look? Will the invitation be sent by e-mail or by post? How should guests respond and what information should be requested? Are there various guest categories that make it necessary to create different steps in the registration process? Do hotels need to be dealt with and travel booked for the guests? Do guests need to pay for the event and should the payment process also be incorporated?

So as you can see, participant management begins a long time before the actual event. Here it comes down to neat and precise processes right from the beginning - we can always make changes but it's considerably more difficult to do so once the process is underway. Hence the earlier we are involved, the better the result!

Guest Management Steps

Phase 2 - Before the event

You've come so far: the invitations are sent, the guests confirm their attendance. This can take place either online, by post or by means of an RSVP fax. Then participants receive their confirmations and their name badges - for example in the form of a high-quality plastic badge with a barcode or RFID chip.

In the back office meanwhile, various types of travel are coordinated, the hotel allocation undertaken and any special requirements taken into account. Where required, a telephone hotline can be made available to answer guests' questions - operating 24/7 if necessary and with different languages as required. A firm Guest-One contact person also supports you throughout the entire registration phase.

Central data storage and tailor-made reports guarantee a comprehensive overview of the registration status and hotel bookings - available whenever and wherever you need it.

Phase 3 - At the event

The big day - the doors open. With the innovative access management system we provide, you can be sure not only of a smooth and rapid check-in but also that only invited guests will be admitted to the event. For large-scale events, we can offer you live visitor monitoring. Using iPhones or mobile scanners, the guests are recorded as they enter and leave the location - thus a real-time overview of persons present is available online at any time.

Trained staff, friendly hostesses and functioning technology ensure the necessary security. We would also be happy to help you with special solutions such as seat administration or visitor information systems.

And if unexpected problems nevertheless arise, the experts at the info and trouble counters will solve them.

Phase 4 - After the event

Closing time, the event is over and the dismantling process begins: Your guests are already on their way home or are comfortable in the hotel. If required, we can send personalised thank-you letters, create an online photo gallery or inform your guests about an event survey via e-mail. We will also be happy to support you after the event with tailor-made solutions.

On top of this, we automatically generate comprehensive reports and evaluations that help you in the assessment of your event and flow into the planning of forthcoming projects.

After all, the end of the event is just the beginning...

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