Vorwerk Thermomix NFT 2015

Complex participant and luggage handling
As in the previous year, Guest-One was able to take care of the participant management for the Vorwerk Thermomix "National Manager Conference" in 2015 too. This time, the lead agency for the project was bwLive GmbH from Munich.

Around 1,100 guests travelled to Munich to attend the two-day conference at the Zenithhalle in September. Convenient registration was ensured by Guest-One's online portal, created in the corporate design of the event. This was used not only to manage acceptances and rejections from guests, but during the registration phase the tool also ensured seamless hotel allocation in the background, taking into consideration various quotas. A group allocation for various workshops and a module for placement of the guests in the plenum completed the scope of the service.

On site, Guest-One provided a total of twelve check-in stations for rapid access to the event - not forgetting name badges and the handling of around 2,000 items of luggage.
By way of a follow-up to the event, afterwards Guest-One created an online feedback questionnaire and also provided a comprehensive photo gallery in the online portal.
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