Carglass Roadshow 2017

"Pole Position" was the motto for "Carglass Roadshow 2017". Some 1,500 owners and employees of partner businesses accepted an invitation to the two-day conference at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin at the beginning of March. Lead agency "insglück" hired Guest-One to assist the attendees at the event.

This primarily involved the administration of an online portal that enabled participating companies to register their employees' attendance at the event and access information about the conference. Through this portal, companies were also given access to an external travel agency to help them arrange travel for the attendees, who came to Berlin from all parts of Germany. Travel arrangements were then entered in the G1 system, to which the relevant travel documents were uploaded. Guest-One sent out final confirmation, including all travel and accommodation details, to all attendees.

At the event itself, Guest-One provided two guest managers and supporting technology to ensure that all attendees could be identified quickly and smoothly.

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