AGM: PROKON Regenerative Energien

Cologne-based live marketing agency EREIGNISHAUS commissioned Guest-One in June to handle guest management for the annual general meeting of PROKON Regenerative Energien eG. About 40,000 members of the co-operative were invited by post to the event at the Holstenhallen centre in Neum√ľnster, around 1,000 of whom attended on the day.
Guest-One set up an online registration system for all the invited guests tailored specifically to meet all the requirements in terms of the different categories of guests involved.
This was due to the fact that different registration processes needed to be taken into consideration for individual members, partnerships and communities of heirs as well as members under the age of 18. As the voting rights of each member could also be exercised by representatives, there had to be an option for representatives to register as well, including document handling for powers of attorney.
Guest-One provided a total of 17 check-in stations and three guest managers as well as customised check-in software for the necessary accreditation work on site. The check-in process consisted of scanning e-tickets which had been issued upon registration, and then name badges and proof of receipt for the ballot papers that were handed out were produced in real time. Given how expansive the attendance area was, smartphones were used with an app developed by Guest-One to facilitate scanning.
Guest-One also implemented a system to electronically capture the votes which were cast the traditional way using ballot boxes. The ballot papers, which featured a QR code, for the individual agenda items were scanned using over 20 smartphones and the results were transmitted to the event manager and the legal advisor.
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