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Following the 2018 decision by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) in South Africa in favour of the guest management software Eventry by Guest-One, the second installation of the software took place in July of this year for the AHK in Nigeria. How does a company like Guest-One from Wuppertal, Germany, acquire customers in Africa for guest management software?
The first contact took place at the AHK-World Conference 2018 in Berlin, which was also supported by Guest-One. Over the course of the years, the AHK-World Conference has developed into a meeting place for all the players involved in German foreign trade promotion. In addition to current events, the conference focuses on topics that will be important in future to German foreign trade and the global economy. Representatives of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad come together every two years from 90 countries all over the world to attend this conference in Berlin.
Here as well, Guest-One took on the guest management and on-site support for the guests, and was thus able to make the requisite contacts.
The AHKs in Africa organise a large number of events throughout the year. In the process, they aim for a high degree of digitalisation. The guest management software Eventry covers all the important elements of the event, from sending out digital invitations to online registration to guest check-in at the event. And with the corresponding training, customers can handle their guest management in-house in full.
After the system was set up and configured, Guest-One trained the local staff in Nigeria. The company also delivered the necessary IT hardware to Nigeria – notebooks, card printers and QR code scanners as well as pre-fabricated blank name tags. As part of the two-day training session, the first “real” projects were set up in the system so that the AHK’s staff could start using the system immediately. The AHK in Kenya in autumn 2019 will be the next installation.
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