DER KREIS international congress

DER KREIS, a buying group consisting of Europe’s leading kitchen specialists, celebrated 40 years in the business in May 2019. This was the perfect opportunity to merge the various annual congresses of the different national subsidiaries, which are normally held locally, to form one large, joint anniversary congress.
Around 1,800 guests accepted the invitation and travelled to the International Congress Center in Stuttgart not only to attend the two-day congress but also to enjoy an accompanying trade fair as well as an exclusive evening event.

Guest-One took care of all the guest management work in collaboration with Stuttgart-based agency Eventuality. A web portal available in no less than four languages served as a central element through which the managers responsible for the individual countries could register their guests. The country-specific supporting programmes and different break-out sessions were also managed in the system and assigned to guests.

A hotel management function was also incorporated to enable the organisers firstly to keep an eye on booking quotas at all times and secondly to be able to quickly and easily assign guests and their partners to one of the eight hotels used.

On-site, Guest-One took care of accrediting the guests at a total of eight check-in stations. All guests received an e-ticket with their registration confirmation which was scanned on site and automatically prompted a name badge to be printed. Thanks to this approach, the check-in process was reduced to just a few seconds per guest and also meant that a real-time overview of all the guests who were present on site could be accessed at all times
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