Red Bull Air Race Series 2019

For the 2019 season of the "Red Bull Air Race" World Championship, Red Bull Air Race GmbH from Salzburg, Austria, relied on Crew Control to manage employees, teams as well as press and media representatives.
On a race weekend, up to 1,000 people, comprising the international crew that looks after all the races and the local crew from the respective country, are in action. In addition to entering and managing the data up front, as well as accrediting employees and press representatives on site, managing the various access authorisations is mainly one of the most important requirements of the system. While every authorisation in previous years was traditionally shown by icons and labels on the badges, authorisations and checks with Crew Control are managed centrally on the system.
All authorisations are written during accreditation onto an RFID badge or wristband and then checked at the respective entrances via smartphone using an app specially developed by G1. If entry authorisations need to be added at short notice or even revoked, this is done by sending information (by radio, for example) to the control centre, which can alter the rights in the system immediately so that the employee can enter seconds later. Printing out new passes with new authorisations is dispensed with. A positive side effect is that the process makes things much easier for the security staff on site and is less prone to error.
Another component of Crew-Control covers querying and handling catering requests for each individual employee, and managing and allocating materials – for Red Bull this covered radios and parking permits, which were logged accordingly in the system when issued. Guest-One had two project managers on site at the first three races in Abu Dhabi, Kazan and on Lake Balaton. It set up the systems as appropriate at the crew service centre and the race airport, and looked after accreditation over the race days.


Photo credits:

• Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Media Content Pool (left)

• Ádám Bertalan / Red Bull Media Content Pool / Red Bull Media Content Pool (right)



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