German Fire Services Association

After Guest-One was able to oversee the delegate assembly of the German Youth Fire Brigade at the end of 2020, the general assembly of the German Fire Services Association in Berlin followed in February of this year. More than 400 delegates and guests took part in the seven-hour assembly, during which a new president was also selected.
The technical production of the assembly was handled by the company GATE, while Guest-One, in addition to the online voting system, also prepared a secure streaming platform which allowed the delegates to follow the stream. They were also able to request to speak and ask questions via a chat function. Participants that wanted to comment personally could connect via video conference. The streaming platform then also led into the virtual polling booth.
In order to prepare all of the delegates as well as possible for the virtual format, three training sessions were carried out ahead of the assembly, during which all of the delegates went through the procedures and the system was presented in detail. At the assembly itself, Guest-One took care of the chat function and the vote management.
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